Y’know, the “big head, little body drawings?” You may think this means we’ll take the feature you like least and make it huge, but we’re very friendly when we draw – no blemishes, wrinkles or cellulite (it’s corporate policy!)

Of course, if you want us to follow a certain style or use a specific medium, we’ll be happy to oblige. As with our other services, it’s our honor to be of service – not an opportunity to show off.

But in general, our loose-portrait style is preferred by kids of-all-ages and we’ve never had a complaint with over 500,000 caricatures drawn to date!

We also enjoy talking with people who sit in front of us. We’ll put their mind at ease and even entertain them (after all, a total stranger is staring at them!) Don’t forget, caricature artists can attend in costume or formal wear.

Even if you don’t have an event, we can provide work through the mail or e-mail. Have an employee-of-the-month program? How about a pet expo? (Yes, we’ll draw pets too!)

Contact us today about our many caricature options:

  • Back-ups! (Yes, we’ve actually drawn people from behind!)
  • Giant-sized!
  • Silhouettes!
  • Complimentary OR extreme!
  • Pre-print themes!
  • Championship speed! Our top artist has drawn people in under 1 minute!
  • Singles to groups!
  • In ink, charcoal, pastels, paint, even digital!

T.A.G. Art Company in Action

Scroll through the photos below to see our artists in action and a small sample of our work:

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