Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers are a great way to make a BIG impression! With TAG Art, you have more choices than you can shake a stilt at! If space is limited, our “unassuming” 7′ characters will still create a photo op. or a “hook” for your trade show or low-ceiling event. If “the sky’s the limit”, then we’ll scrape it with characters that push past the 14′ mark such as our giant giraffes!Need to cover more territory? We have whole teams of walkers!

How about some extra flair? Juggling, jumping, flag-twirling or speed walkers are all options! Need to maintain a color scheme or theme? We’ll design, build-from-scratch or color-coordinate to any event! “In short”, you can place a “tall order” with TAG Art, so contact us today for a no-pressure discussion on how we can make your event a success!

Stilt walkers
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