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 "Thank Goodness It's Friday" Comic Strip!

Check out "Thank Goodness It's Friday!" created by Troy Ganser. Friday is the official mascot of The T.A.G. Art Company (all rights reserved.)

Have an idea for our next strip? Info@tagartcompany.com for consideration! 

Thank Goodness It's Friday!


Click on any of the images below to get a page to print off and color:

 "Thank Goodness It's Friday" FAN ART!

Everyone loves Friday, and we love creativity! Check out some of the fun playful variations we've received using our mascot.

Want to contribute a cool idea? Send to info@tagartcompany.com for consideration.

 Friday Fan Art!



The official TAG Art Company channel!  When creatives get bored, this is what occupies their time!  Have an idea for a skit or want to join our wacky team to make more vids? Info@tagartcompany.com to be considered!


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