We bring the fun!

Who We Are

At T.A.G. Art Company, we are more than just entertainment providers – we are architects of extraordinary experiences.

We think everyone could use a little bit of wonder in their lives. We create immersive entertainment experiences that invite you to journey into your sense of awe.


Rule benevolently or save the day with our fantasy characters.


Make magical memories with your favorite royal guest!

Face Painting

Transform into your favorite creature with our face painting artists.

Your Journey of Awe

Imagine a place where you can dance with delight, where your imagination takes flight, and where the boundaries between what's real and what's magical blur into a realm of wonder!

This is the realm we curate for you – a space where your sense of awe is not only rekindled but amplified!

Character Video Chats

Enjoy a visit in the comfort of your own home with your favorite character! Tell us who you'd like to meet!


Arrange a "blast from the (EXTREME) past!" Now taking reservations!

Company Events

Get the whole group dreaming when we bring the fun to your company’s next event!

Our Approach

We believe that entertainment has the power to awaken excitement and curiosity within us. Through our services and entertainment events, we invite you to embark on a voyage that transcends reality and embraces the extraordinary.


Balloon Art

Our talented artists can make an astounding variety of animals and objects you’re sure to love!

The Transformers

Meet your favorite Transformer, or all of them!

Holiday Services

We have services ranging from Halloween, to 4th of July, to Christmas. We provide it all.

We Invite You!

Accept our invitation to step into a realm where balloon animals spring to life,
where entertainment stirs joy and excitement,
and face painters make you a part of the show!
Come along with us and reconnect with your sense of awe and wonder
Let us be your guides!