T.A.G. Art Company Fundraising

T.A.G. Art has raised thousands of dollars for charity through our on-site entertainment. We communicate thoroughly and effectively with every client to create something exciting and valuable in their choice of size, medium, subject or theme!

tag art founder drawing on art board live art

These days, people are inundated with requests for donations. Wine tasting and raffles just aren’t enough. Why not create an experience and not just an auction?

Our diverse range of talents, coupled with our adaptability, enables us to tailor our services to suit events of all scales, from intimate gatherings to large-scale fundraisers. Through our artistic creations, we aim to not only raise funds but also to foster a sense of community and unity.

tag art employee drawing sketches of customers on big canvas

Here are some ideas:


Hire a performance painter and put on a show that you can sell tickets to. Auction off the painting for even more “bang for your buck!”


Compliment the event with stationed artists throughout. Each station can generate hundreds of dollars in a single night.


Send a mime out and “pass the hat” – how can you argue with a mime?


Create a “Central Park” atmosphere with various busker stations. Each one gets a “guitar case” and collects tips towards the benefit!

With a deep understanding of the power of art to inspire and connect, we approach each project with creativity and passion. Whether it's a vibrant mural, a captivating performance, or an interactive workshop, our team is dedicated to bringing unique and engaging entertainment that resonates with both participants and spectators alike.
tag art group photo to bring awareness to fundraising
At T.A.G. Art, we are more than just entertainers; we are storytellers, connectors, and change-makers. Join us in our mission to uplift and inspire, one masterpiece at a time.