Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are entertainment caricatures?

A: Entertainment caricatures are those we draw on-sight as entertainment for your guests or customers .

Q: What kind of events are good for caricature entertainment?

A: Anyone can be our customer!  Grand openings, trade shows, holiday parties, mitzvahs, weddings, picnics, the list goes on.

Q: How many caricatures can the artist draw at my event?

A: We keep within the regional average of 8-12 "heads" per hour.  However, under ideal circumstances we have pros who can draw a person in under a minute!  Contact us for more information on "ideal circumstances."

Q: Are color caricatures available?

A: Yes they are! Color caricatures are the same price per hour as black & white, but our artists usually draw about half as many.

Q: Where are your artists available?

A: We love what we do and it's an honor to be of service.  We'll travel wherever we're needed (as long as it's safe!)

Q: What other services can you arrange?

A: Any of the A La Carte options can be arranged in solo or multiple artist packages.  Stationery options also include airbrushing merchandise (like trucker hats or towels), name art, hair braiding, and "open to what you have in mind" Most of what we do has evolved from customer needs.

Strolling talent is a long list too - we know magicians, musicians, animal shows, comedians, all family-friendly and all can be put together in an all-included package to "keep it simple!"

Q: How fast are the other stationary services?

A: Balloon artists and face painters can show off or take their time.  If productivity is your focus, quick-and-quality work can be rendered in under a minute or we can create elaborate balloon sculptures or full-face transformations which vary based on selection.

Silhouettes can be created in about 5 minutes "per head."

Henna or airbrush tattoos can be "quick-as-a-minute" or longer based on complexity of design and size (Henna can be an all-day experience in keeping with tradition!)  

Airbrushing merchandise, name art or other personalization can take an average of 8-10 minutes per item (again based on complexity - it could take less!)

Novelty hair services (braiding, coloring - using colored hair spray, not a traditional cosmetic application) are all under 5 minutes per person.

In short, we love working and working hard.  Our goal is always to be the least of your worries so you can enjoy your own event!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Rates vary based on service, length of time, location and size of TAG Team you'd like to arrange.  However, we always find a "win-win" for every respectable opportunity so put us to the test!  Contact us and "think out loud" with us today.  We're no pressure and "no egos" and will put together a package that has no surprises and gives you the best "bang for your buck."