Balloon Art

Of course there’s a lot of “pressure” in doing balloon art, but we don’t let it get to us!
tag art stilt walker giving a dog balloon to a little boy

A T.A.G. Art Company

Balloon Art for the Kids!

Balloon art is a creative and versatile way to decorate for any event, and all ages! We aim to create moments that captivate the hearts of kids and bring smiles to their faces
We love what we do and it’s always an honor to be of service. As with any other service, we want to enhance your event – not undermine it. 

When it comes to balloon twisting talent, we want to know if productivity is a priority or if adding atmosphere is your focus. A T.A.G. Artist can crank ‘em out, or dazzle with elaborate work.


We Have Multiple Artists

We also have multiple artists in any service we offer so nobody leaves without a balloon! 

We take pride in our ability to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories that you will treasure.

tag art artists holding different balloon art
tag art swan balloon floating in water


Cross-trained Options

Not sure if balloon art is going to be enough but you don’t want hired talent just “standing around?”
We like to stay busy too, so ask us about cross-trained options – balloon artist/face painters, costumed caricaturists, stilt walking tattoo artists (okay, that one may be a “stretch”) but if “switching gears” is in order, let us know and we’ll make the arrangements!