T.A.G. Art Company

Grand Opening Entertainment

For your grand opening, you want to make the best first impression. Your customers need to know that YOU are their best source and they'll enjoy working with you.

Enjoy The Moment


At T.A.G. Art, we agree wholeheartedly with that goal and believe it's an honor to be involved. 

In whatever capacity best enhances your event. We bring every advantage to our customers.


We're 1 company, and all talent are our employees. That means we're not competing with each other, we're working together - no egos! That also means you're helping us create jobs!


We have talented, professional and highly trained artists who love what they do - this shows in the quality of our work and the enjoyment of the participants.


Do you have several locations opening at once? Themed events? No problem! We've facilitated as many as 54 artists in 18 different cities for the same weekend!
tag art mime outside of white house black market building


We love to "raise our own bar" and have many cross-trained artists. That means you can have multiple artists in the same service with consistent quality.


We're a no-pressure operation and welcome your ideas. You can make all the arrangements with one contact. Also, every team of artists comes with on-site support. That means you can enjoy your event and don't have to manage the talent - we do that for you!


We'll work to find a solution that fits your budget and offer options you may not even know you had. Questions and candor are welcome and we'll be transparent about what we can do for you.
tag art founder drawing a customer live in front of him

A La Carte

A la Carte Services

We specialize in “something different” for your event. Because we’re typical perfectionist artists, we’re always trying to come up with variations of themes, services, or learning something new entirely. One thing remains constant, we’re committed to offering THE best service.

So contact us today about your grand opening entertainment and tell us how we can "bring the fun!"