T.A.G. Art Company Puppetry 

puppet turtle with man wearing a hat
two girls holding dinosaur puppets

Interactive Puppetry

We specialize in the enchanting world of puppets, where art, entertainment, and wonder converge. Whether you're planning an epic children's party, a corporate event with a twist, or a unique celebration, T.A.G. Art Company transforms your vision into a world where various characters and creatures come to life through captivating puppetry.

Our puppeteers are not just artists; they are storytellers who breathe life into the ancient past. Our puppeteers are skilled at interactive storytelling, bringing your guests into captivating worlds, where every movement tells a tale.

For inquisitive minds, we offer educational sessions involving our dinosaurs where young paleontologists can learn about dinosaurs, their habits, and even get hands-on experience with our puppetry.

Versatile Puppetry Talent

Our diverse team of puppeteers can cater to various species and puppetry styles, ensuring that your event gets the perfect


With T.A.G. Art Company, every moment is a piece of art waiting to be discovered. Contact us today to discuss your event, and let's craft a puppetry adventure that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

children watching a dinosaur puppet


Why Choose T.A.G. Art Company for Puppets?

T.A.G. Art Company transforms your vision through captivating puppetry.

Moments Worth Remembering

With T.A.G. Art Company, you're not just hosting an event; you're creating  adventures that will be cherished for generations.

Professional Excellence

T.A.G. Art Company is synonymous with professionalism, reliability, and a dedication to making your  adventure truly remarkable.

Engaging Performances

We believe that puppetry should not only be seen but experienced. Our performances are designed to captivate and inspire.