About TAG Art

Why was TAG Art Created?

I love what I do - how many people can truly say that? Moreover, who can say they're what they wanted to be "when they grew up?" Living the dream means realizing success IS achievable and it becomes your drug. I created TAG Art because I wanted more - and I wanted to share - everything that I enjoy and what I've developed into from creative challenges over the years. Truly, I do something every day that scares me - but a purpose driven life is more fruitful.

What is Unique about TAG Art?

We're a corporation, not an agency or consortium of artists. We create opportunities - jobs for local artists. As such, we also don't compete with each other - there are no "egos" to deal with. Essentially we seek to do our best rather than worry about competition.

What are the benefits to TAG Art's customers?

Since we focus on service and not ego, we can make suggestions based on our experience - even if it turns out we're not the best fit. Also, as a team of talent, there's one point of contact, not several negotiations with each talent. Lastly, we can create package options so we welcome candor about budgets - finding the "win-win" is one of our values.

How much experience has TAG Art had?

We've been in business for over 16 years and to-date, we've arranged as many as 54 artists in 18 different cities for events all happening at the same time - with 2 week's notice. We love to travel and will go anywhere we're needed, provided the parameters support it. On the other hand, we're not "too good" to arrange a single artist for 30 minutes for someone's birthday party. We offer over 30 different services and options therein but we stay humble and focus on "bringing the fun" rather than the dollar.

Troy Ganser – “Mr. G”/Director

Troy GanserTroy Ganser has known what he wanted to be “when he grew up” since 2nd grade. 5 years later, he began his professional career. Troy can claim several impressive accomplishments – such as the world record for the largest single panel comic strip! He has also drawn over 250,000 caricatures, and raised thousands of dollars for charity through his performance art.

Troy can truly say he is "living the dream" but also knows what it takes to get there, how to stay focused and manage one's priorities. He loves sharing this wisdom and inspiring others to do the same.

Bringing Creativity to your Business

With the experience of running a successful art business, Troy often shares his experiences. Troy will organize a workshop for your company, or even an independent group of people. During the workshop, Troy highlights lessons learned and how combining Art and Business will increase your ROI and employee happiness. Below you can see a brief glimpse into the workshop. If you are interested in having Troy put on a workshop for you, fill out the Contact Us form to the right.