You have a passion.  You have drive.  You want to do your best. You learn, you develop.  You succeed! You grow restless and bored.  You derail.

The pattern is all too common.  The endurance for the idea, the patience for the process is lacking.  Business (like many things in life) isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.  When it comes to being creative, we have to temper our enthusiasm and vet more than cater to our need for immediate gratification - or simply, our ego.  

Or, consider the adage that power corrupts.  How many scandals come to mind?  "They had it all!  They didn't need to do that!  How did they let this happen?  What a shame."  

The element of power must be grounded in humility.  It's tricky, because the moment you think you're humble, you're not.  It's an odd thing to consider, but in most situations, all you have to do is not fail!

So you're a stilt walker?  Just don't fall over.   So you're a mime?  Just don't talk!  So you're a face painter?  Just don't use actual paint!  The list goes on.

As you seek to "raise your own bar" and learn, you'll continue to do so.  Stay hungry and stay humble.  You'd be amazed at what opportunities present themselves.

Troy Ganser