How to Plan Entertainment at Birthday Parties for Children & Adults?

If you’ve ever tried to make any birthday party plans, you know how stressful this can be. Even if you’re inviting a few close friends and family members, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration, and this can take all the joy out of the birthday party itself.

If you genuinely want to enjoy the party, you need to focus primarily on entertainment. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or one for the adults, proper entertainment will make it all a lot more enjoyable. If everyone’s having a good time, no one will care about the melting ice cream or the missing balloons.

The Importance of Including Entertainment in Your Birthday Party Plans

When making your birthday party plans, you’re typically doing it for your kid, or you’re doing it for the guests. You probably want to have a memorable, enjoyable event that everyone will be talking about for years to come. If this is your goal, then you should focus most of your attention on the entertainment. Everyone
loves participating in fun activities, playing games, or seeing a magician performing unbelievable tricks. This is true for both children and adults.
Proper entertainment is what will be memorable at the end of the day. No one will remember the tasty food or the variety of drinks on offer. So, when making your birthday party plans, be sure to start planning the entertainment as well.

Seven Things to Consider When Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

You don’t have to go all in to plan a perfect children’s birthday party. You don’t have to make elaborate plans and spend thousands of dollars to make your child happy. Here are seven things that you should consider when it comes to children’s birthday party plans:

1. The Child’s Opinion
Before you even start planning the party, you really should ask your child what he/she wants. Perhaps they don’t want to eat their all-time favorite food, but try something new. Maybe they’ve changed their mind about their favorite Disney movie and want a different theme for their birthday. 

Ask your kid what kind of party they’d want to have and run every decision by them. This way, not only will you ensure that your child will be more than happy with the party, but you’ll also have a chance to spend more quality time with them.

2. Fix a Budget
It is essential to fix a budget before planning the birthday party. It helps you explore the various birthday options and plan it well. Do not worry if your budget is low, as you will find many inexpensive ways to make the birthday party fun and entertaining.

3. Available Venue
The availability of space will decide the number of guests you can invite to the party, the theme, entertainment, and the length of the party. If you are on a tight budget, plan for an inside party. You will then have to accordingly set the number of guests, and look at other possibilities around your house.

4. The Theme
Every good children’s birthday party has a theme. You can make it a costume party, have a pirate or princess theme, have everyone dress up as their favorite superhero, you name it. You can even hire a creative design company to help you make your child’s birthday party stand out. 

With a creative design company, you can make personalized invitations, create astonishing decorations, and customize every aspect of the party to match the theme.

5. Entertainment Rentals
Since entertainment is typically considered to be the most crucial aspect of a birthday party, you should plan it, and book all your entertainment rentals well before the party. This way, you’ll ensure that you’ll have everything ready.

Some of the more popular entertainment rentals include bouncy castles and karaoke machines, but you could also go a step further and hire beloved professionals such as magicians and clowns. Make the party fun and educational by hiring a scientist who can perform interesting experiments in front of the kids.

6. The Menu
A children’s birthday party is not usually a fancy affair. Everything will be okay if no one is hungry, so you shouldn’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on food.

Find out from the parents about the dietary requirement of their children, and make sure you ask all parents if their child is allergic to any food.

Keep it simple. Children love finger foods, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and the like, so don’t bother yourself with preparing something extraordinary.

The only food that matters during a child’s birthday party is the cake. So, keep the menu simple, and make sure that the birthday cake is your child’s favorite.

7. Goodie Bags
If it is a kid’s birthday party, you must make sure that no kid leaves the party without a goodie bag. It is not essential to fill the bag with expensive and big gifts. You can fill it with candy or something that you think most kids will like. You can also gift them with a fun toy. 

You can also look at the quick go-to list for planning your kid’s birthday party right below:

Things to Consider When Planning an Adult’s Birthday Party

Making birthday party plans for an adult is an entirely different affair. Once again, a perfect birthday party won’t necessarily break your budget, especially when you know where to skimp and where to splurge. Here’s what you need to consider when planning an adult’s birthday party:

1. Do Not Exceed Your Budget
No matter whether the party is for children or adults, it is very essential to fix a budget and stick to it. All the things you plan to do including the number of guests you invite is dependent on the budget that you have allotted for the party.

2. The Venue
Your venue will depend on the formality of the party. If you’re inviting close friends and relatives, then you can easily have your party at home. To make it appear more festive and unique, you can contact a creative design company and have them design some cute, personalized decorations. This would be especially perfect for a surprise party.

A more formal event calls for a more formal venue. If you’re inviting coworkers or business partners, it would be best to hold the party at a restaurant or a hotel.

3. Send the Invitations
Who doesn’t like partying? Give your guests enough time to prepare for the party. So, it’s advisable to send out the invitations at least two weeks before the party. Give them time to reply to your invitations so that you know exactly how many people will arrive.

4. The Drinks
Many an adult birthday party asks for some alcohol. Regardless of the venue, be sure to have a wide variety of alcohol on hand. And don’t forget about the coffee! Adults are typically more concerned about the drinks at a party than about the food, so if you need to stay within budget, it’s perhaps better to skimp on food.

5. The Entertainment
Just as with the children’s birthday parties, adult parties ask for some delightful entertainment as well. Typically, music is of utmost importance. So, be sure to either prepare a playlist before the party or invest in a DJ or live band.

Other forms of entertainment at an adult’s birthday party can include a stand-up comedian, karaoke machine, pool table, board games, etc. You should choose the proper form of entertainment according to the birthday person’s preferences.

6. Have a Backup Plan
You can never know what can go wrong, so be ready with a backup plan! You might have more, or even fewer guests turn out at your party, or heavy rain can wash away your plan of an outside party. What can make your party worse is if your hired entertainment fails to show up at the venue! In such cases, you need to have a backup plan in place. Have extra games at your disposal to pull up if required. Similarly, it is always a better idea to have more food than less
food. You can always keep the leftovers in your refrigerator or give it to a homeless shelter.

7. Party Favors
It is always a good idea to send your guests home with something to remember about you and the party. It can be some mini bottles of alcohol or cookies that can be placed in a basket and handed over to them while leaving the party.

Whether it’s for children or adults, planning a birthday party can be very stressful. If you’re doing it by yourself, it’s always best to start making birthday party plans early on. It’s easy to forget some small details, so the more time you give yourself, the easier it will be to remember everything that you need to do.

If you don’t want to deal with the stress of making birthday party plans, you can always hire professional party planners and leave everything in their hands.