You're double-reading the title, aren't you?

Pun intended!  This article is about one thing every business person, entrepreneur, sales person and just about any creative fears: Ghosting!

Let me go on record - I love sharing, discussing, making, developing, vetting, growing, simmering, stewing and executing!

But not in vain.

If you want to discuss brand-supportive activations, themed events for marketing purposes, trade show hooks, and all services that would appeal to each demographic, let's talk! 

If there's an exchange and you share questions, concerns, candor about budgets and everything is addressed, let's do something!

EVEN, if it's a matter of "taking it to the board/boss/committee/shot-caller" and we return to what's viable (IF ANYTHING) afterwards, are we all adults here or not?

That's what makes ghosting such a problem.  Business "closure" if you will is in short-supply these days.

I know if I go fishing, I'm not going to catch every fish.  I wouldn't know what to do if I did!  One can be too successful, grow too fast and fail in walking all values.

That being stated, we continue to grow, learn, develop, and walk down the business "yellow brick road" with faith and fear as our mythical allies.  We stay pretty busy and will probably have something to do while we wait.

What we don't need is time-suckers!  

"No answer" is not an answer.  C'mon people, put on your big kid pants and stop the "isms."  In our feeling-focused culture, where did taking each relationship at face value fall to the wayside?  You can't talk out of both sides of your mouth. 

If needs change, budgets change or the person you're talking to just isn't the right fit, tell them!  Educate them!  Free coaching!  Some will beg for it!  Personally, I can't grow if I don't "know" and if you ask my wife, my telepathic powers fizzled out during the wedding vows. 

This holiday season, especially as we're making our N.Y.E. resolution, can we the customers in the equation commit to shooting straight and building a culture that values honesty that supports growth?  And as providers, can we seek to grow and value relationships without pressure and with the result in mind?

May your holidays be joyful and bright!