1) "Can I get a picture with you?" (Puts arm around me - not too low!)

2) "Do you accept tips?"

3) (To a caricaturist) "Make me look pretty!  Don't draw this or this or these or..."

4) "Aren't you hot inside that costume?"

Maybe these questions aren't stemming from a lack of common sense.  Maybe it's a lack of education, in which case here we go!

1) In our safe space, personal space, non-offensive, good feelings culture, you have to ask?  And then we have to endure the weird vibes?

2) Why would anyone turn down free money?

3) I'm not your therapist.  Please don't ask me to comment on your looks.  It's borderline sexual harassment.

4) In the middle of August approaching a fully costumed character you have to remind them of what they're desperately trying NOT to remember? 

It's said that everyone should work in restaurant or retail.  It's a bit of a trap.  Swear it off, but I've yet to meet someone who hasn't at least had to work in one of those industries at least once.

That being stated, anyone in service has had the customer who is having a bad day and "it's your fault."  Service people see some stuff.  Take a step further into careers that are labors of love - paramedics, fire fighters and you'll see even more of the dark side of humanity.  

So if so many of us are having these experiences, why aren't we more sensitive?  

Be the change you want to see in the world, even if it's ironic.