As I type this, I'm mindful of the many opportunities - true blessings - that we've enjoyed this year. 

We're celebrating our 19 year in business and from one perspective, we're barely a blip on anyone's screen - so it seems "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" that we've seen any kind of growth.

On the other hand, we've learned a LOT and many of the epiphanies have been more a "duh!" moment (as we call them.)  "How could we have not known.....?" happens once a year at least.  I'm grateful that we haven't grown too fast.

So, it's a double-edged sword.  Some are busier than us, others aren't.  Some are more "successful" (everyone needs to define it for themselves) and some "aren't" (who am I to judge?)

My advice?  Taken with a grain of salt, I encourage you, the potential creative-entrepreneurial-hopes-to-grow to persevere: Tenacity; Attention to detail; Prompt service when the opportunity presents itself; And in all things, humility!

The last one is the tricky one - pride but not arrogance. Seeking YOUR best and not to be "the best."  Accolades, titles, awards, all are easily forgotten and collect dust.  The memories and the fun are more important.

Also - and this is also tricky - know that there are plenty of opportunities for everyone!  Networking with like-minded (and I do mean like-minded - watch out for sycophants!) creatives and leaders will help everyone succeed.  Defy the stereotype and a rising tide raises all sails.

2019 looks to be another great year so the proof is in the pudding for us.  I wish you and yours equal (or greater!) "success!" ;)

Troy Ganser