This might fly in the face of tradition, but is a resolution necessary?

Did you stick with last years? Did you start or stop doing the thing like the promise you made the year before?  Or did you lawyer yourself out of it and pivot to something that sounds new for this year?

Why do we always have to do something new to prove that we’re growing?  How about resolve to keep the resolution?  If you’re “in your lane” and “doing the thing” how about staying strong so you’ll continue to grow in the right direction?

If you were a tree capable of growing immensely tall and being fruitful, but haven’t achieved that status yet, would you try something unrelated or would you focus on the steps necessary for achieving the big goal?

”This year I will grow more roots.”

”This year I will drink more water.”

”This year I will get more sunshine.”

All are related to the overall goal. Being the best version possible.  Truly, all should be assumed resolutions and need not be brought up.

Sure, a resolution is a micro tradition and making them is kind of fun, but also a little psycho.  Aren’t we just training ourselves to lie, or at least how NOT to honor a promise or commitment?

“Hey Mr. Killjoy….”  I know, staying strong may not be fun, but so many important and even crucial exercises aren’t. If go to the gym and don’t do anything, don’t break a sweat, don’t lift anything challenging, don’t stretch, and just  you may be hang out at the juice bar, is that really fun?

I run into too many people who will never be successful because they can’t even do the one thing that comes natural, is easy, requires little to no effort and is in fact something they propose to offer - a service, a talent for hire, a resource, whatever it may be.  They literally let the potential fruits of their potential labors rot on the vine.

Don’t fear success or the steps it takes to achieve and maintain.  If you’re a painter, keep painting, discover new styles and experiment more.  If you’re a musician, try a new style of music within your instrument.  If you like to draw caricatures, try a different marker and paper! You’re still raising your own bar, but the bar stays strong.

Keep on keeping on in 2024!


Troy Ganser