As the conundrum goes, "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."  Then again, if you work for yourself, you'll never work harder in your life.  Where lies the balance?

Are you prostituting your talents in which case what do you do for fun and balance?  You have to work hard but also rest hard.  Then again, is the work its own reward and can you separate yourself and learn to just BE?

It's a tricky balancing act and requires self-awareness, discipline and also humility - you can only do so much, and you have to exact patience from yourself as change, growth and lessons present themselves.

This is not exclusive to the "fun jobs."  I've met people from all sorts of careers who are living vibrantly and fulfilled because they've found how they're wired, are comfortable in their own skin, manage their weaknesses (and accept them!) and soar with their strengths.  After that, finding the career - indeed, the vocation - is like meeting your significant other - your perfect match.  You are complete.

And why the cliche's and platitudes? It bears repeating and it's necessary to hear from multiple sources.  We require a constant state of programming to develop, maintain, strengthen and enjoy success.

Life is too short! Don't wait to enjoy it.