A lot goes into planning a wedding. You're selecting vendors, food, cakes, dresses, venues, flowers, colors, and so much more. Putting your guest list together is a task itself. And then there's the entertainment!

Significant thought should put into the wedding entertainment. It’s what keeps the party going, your guests entertained and creates lasting memories. Countless options exist for wedding entertainment.

Once you've selected the venue, which can be done through Thering.org, picking the theme usually comes next. Some couples get creative and others stick with the classics. But good entertainment is key for a fun wedding.

Companies such as TAG Art (www.tagartcompany.com) bring entertainment that can truly amaze your guests. TAG Art provides entertainment for personal events such as weddings, corporate events, and individual services. Being creative with wedding entertainment brings something unique to the wedding. TAG Art offers extensive options, many of which would be great at any wedding celebration.

Here are a few themes that have “made the day” (or at least “made the day a little better”):

Comics and Star Wars: Have a fandom? Who doesn't? TAG Art can hold a Jedi training or include a special toast from a certain lord of the Sith. Learn to use a Lightsaber, channel the Force, or even practice your newfound skills against “Darth Vader.” Nothing says “I love you” like a couple fighting the dark side together.

Superhero fan: You're not alone. TAG Art can arrange a visit from your favorites! Many of your guests (especially the kids!) will share the interest. Your special guest can sign autographs, pose for pictures, or even conduct “superhero training.” What would be better than a wedding picture with “Batman?”

Art of All Kinds: Live displays of art have been quite popular to showcase at a wedding reception. TAG Art provides many different styles to entertain your guests. Impressionism? Realism? Perhaps something abstract? The work will generate discussion and provide a lasting memory for years to come.

Perhaps you'd like something a little more quirky? Maybe everyone “gets inked” at the reception? A TAG Artist could render airbrush tattoos, Henna tattoos, body art, or “just” face painting. Or, for a “hands off” approach, send the guests home with a souvenir caricature! (y'know, the “big head, little body” drawings?) What an amazing thank you gift for your guests!

How about a stage show? Take the pressure of the DJ and be entertained during dinner with performance art. Live statues, clowns, comedians, mimes, performance painting, and even jugglers. If you are looking for something non-traditional and entertaining, TAG Art will provide it.

Fireworks, Sparklers, and S’mores: If you are doing an outdoor theme, such as a barn wedding or even a beach wedding, this option will light up the sky and bring people together. A wedding-fireworks display such as twinkling sparklers and show-stopping colors will provide lasting entertainment. The fireworks can be as big or small as you want. If you have the right venue set up, it can go off without a hitch. Wedding pictures with sparklers are always fun to see. Your photographer can catch some amazing shots with your guests waving sparklers and celebrating this lovely day. At the end of the night, everyone can come together, sit by the fire and make s'mores. This can be a good way to top off the evening and continue the celebration long into the night.

Whiskey Bar, Cigar Bar, and Couples Cocktails: If you are doing a small intimate wedding with a small group of guests, there is a good chance that everyone will be into similar things. Good whiskey and tasty cigars go well together, and couple’s cocktails can be a fun way to bring people together. The wedding can be catered with cigars, even a cigar roller . Each guest could leave with a small box of cigars, as a token of appreciation. Nothing says “a nice evening” like sitting with friends, sipping whiskey and smoking a good cigar. This can work even for a larger wedding. You are bound to keep most guests entertained; dancing, drinking and talking all night.

Photo Booth, Disco, and Confetti Canons: This may seem a little wild, but your first dance as a couple could be sent off with a shower of colorful confetti. The guests can even have fun setting the canons off during the disco party. You can choose a playlist that spans many decades and keeps your guests dancing all night long. To ensure your guests can leave with lasting memories, they can head over to the photo booth. This can be set up with different backdrops and props. Sometimes, receptions have both a photo booth and a caricaturist for a fun twist. Your guests can have pictures to bring home with them and reminisce all the fun they had.

With any wedding entertainment, the priority should be for everyone to have a good time. Put some thought into it and plan it around the theme of your wedding. The venue you choose could really inspire the entertainment options. Look at what has been done at other weddings, speak to vendors and seek insight.

Hint: A sign of a quality vendor will be their interest in making your event special, and leaving nothing but good memories, even if they're not directly involved. This should be a day to remember for everyone in attendance.