Creatives love to talk - especially about talking.

Yes, this could have been an email instead of a meeting.

Are we actually addressing something to be changed or just rambling?

Where's the accountability?  The follow-up? The endurance for the idea?

As we discussed in previous articles, success is about making progress, even if you don't want to, even if you HATE what you have to do to get to the level you can enjoy, you have to do it.

If you have the goal but don't put in the work, I'm sad to say that you're just like most of the creatives out there.  Great out of the gate, nothing in endurance.

And this applies to not just those who draw, paint, sing, dance, write, etc. but those energetic people who come up with a thousand ideas, drain all the energy out of the rest trying to keep up with their brain dump, and then NOTHING HAPPENS. 

You're picturing someone specific aren't you?  Maybe it's you?

I had a boss from a previous life who called me out on just that habit.  I would tell her about my ideas and plans, and she would say "thinking about it isn't an action.  What are you doing and when?  Imagine your toddler comes to you and says 'I'm thinking about being potty trained.' Great!  WHEN will this happen?"

Blunt? Absolutely! Burned in my brain? You bet!

Flash forward to my present life.  We were inspired by a movie and a specific set in the movie.  We wanted to build something as special - but how? Can't throw money at it, don't know "what we don't know," and I DREADED the learning curve.

The result? Eating lots of frogs: Going to the county, getting the intel, the permits, the consultation, learning, and then DOING.  I had never poured concrete a day in my life and now it's "just" pouring concrete.  Building things? Maybe a box, now we have a castle (and 12 other structures!) at the Fun Farm.

All of this happening while navigating the growth of the business, a PANDEMIC and trying to figure out more of what I didn't know.

The bottom line is, if you're going to do it - be a professional, be in business, be on a project, follow through.  Stay the course, progress not perfection. But for the sake of your pride and your customers, be available to do the thing!

August 01, 2023 — Troy Ganser

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