Can you imagine a grumpy Santa?  All parodies aside, the two don't (or shouldn't) match.

Now extrapolate that into a grumpy artist - true, there are some, but should there be?  Further still, a grumpy entertainer?  Specifically, a grumpy children's entertainer?  We're getting a little extreme, but there's a correlation.

Part of our success is consistency. We want to be exactly what our customers would expect. If there's an expectation gap, it can be a painful problem.  Personally, I've found it to maintain a balance between thorough communication and semantic barriers.

I also like to ask for that feedback so we can "raise our own bar."  You can't grow if you don't know, right?  While I like to think I'm eloquent, I more often feel like a fumbler.  

Out of the rabbit hole!  Part of being tenacious is continuing to be exactly what you started out being (and not being a **** - fill in your word here.)  It seems ridiculous, but similar to the previous posts, sometimes all it takes to be successful is consistency - consistent discipline, consistent messages, consistent service, consistent presence.

If you walk on stilts, "just" don't fall over!

If you're a mime, "just" don't talk!

If you're a face painter, "just" don't poke the kids in the eyes!

If you've been doing these things, you're likely not succeeding and hopefully this article is the "AH HA" moment you've been searching for.

Otherwise, continue to BE who you wanted to be, and don't backslide.