Being a professional entertainer requires a bit of a hybrid personality.  You have to speak "business" but also speak "creative."  A key to success is being able to bounce between the two worlds - and you'll find increasingly that the "business minded" people don't really speak "creative" and vice versa.  To say it can be taxing is an understatement.  By the end of a busy stretch of work, I'm speaking in half sentences, even grunts.

Back up a bit to the point where you have to "become a grown up."  For some it happens all too soon, for others the inner child is firmly on the outside.  Another conundrum.  How do you retain the joie de vivre and fight cynicism?

You have to become your own parent.

It starts with simple things.  When there's no one to tell you to "get up" or "go to school" or "clean your room" - guess what? It's YOU.

And when it becomes "time to make the donuts" or the other fleas that come with the dog of your career, who tells the entrepreneurial you when and how? YOU.

It has its rewards, you can feel more in control of your destiny and you certainly feel more substantial as a professional when you're staying the course and doing the things you know you NEED to do (but don't want to do.)

Baby steps, progress not perfection and it will be another tool in your developmental belt.

Now go to sleep!  It's past your bedtime!