It’s very rare to meet someone who’s living their dream. Of course you define that for yourself, so let’s drill down on the dream as it pertains to a career.

In this world, there are 3 kinds of jobs:

1) The job you love that doesn’t pay

2) The job you hate that pays well (or at least pays the bills.)*

3) The “unicorn” that pays AND you love it.

*Some have a talent for separating their passion from the work, looking at the job as “just the job.” Their dreams are related to their personal lives. I’ve always been impressed with those who can do that.

For others, life is too short not to hunt for unicorns. If you’re a creative, then it’s even greater of a challenge.

This may be the unicorn you’re looking for!  

TAG Art is enjoying wonderful growth since the pandemic ended. We’re looking for talented professionals to join our team!  Can you draw? Face paint? Walk on stilts? Handle a dinosaur? All of the above? Let’s chat! 

Send samples of work, links to portfolios, videos of what best represents your abilities, anything that shows off what you can do! 


Submissions can be emailed to Let’s see if we can catch that unicorn together!

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