Whether you're a creative or you're not, beginning any task is the first step.  "The rest..." as a wise man once said, "is easy."

IS success a matter of just moving the ball forward?  Baby steps?  Any amount of progress is progress?  A marathon, not a sprint?  "Insert metaphor here?"

We've discussed many stumbling blocks and pitfalls that can sabotage your growth and success.  They're not just applicable to business, but also to any relationship.  You're either growing or stagnant - or most frightening of all, dying.  

Ironically, you can be your own worst enemy despite your best intentions.  I'm both creative and conservative. I have 2 strong, agreeing voices in my head that compel me NOT to judge.  I want to believe in a person's good heart, having romantic notions of "give them a chance" or "they don't have to think like me" when I engage with others.  This is my general philosophy but also helps in professional endeavors.  Potential clients to potential employees tend to receive a gargantuan benefit of the doubt.

It's proper, isn't it?  Synergy exists somewhere, right?

But then again, don't we LOVE to judge?  We love judge the ascent, the teardown, the comeback, the cycle continues.  Pop culture, social media, horror movies, judgements are a part of it all.  

So even our culture should push me to eliminate those voices. 

And then the time suck happens. Or maybe the "ghosting", the "I've been busy."  This leads to the the tight time crunch, the stress, the chaos, the disaster. 

So like any relationship it ends badly - or does it? Is there "one more chance?"  "Forgive and forget?"  It will "be better next time?"  The lesson isn't truly learned and it's all because altruism becomes no good deed going unpunished.

Should we see it coming?  Should we let our prejudice dictate our actions?

I had a conversation recently with a wise woman who helped me put things into a new context.  It's not about judging, it's accepting something that takes you out of your proper boundaries. 

I haven't met anyone who prefers to risk their health, job, life, general safety at all!  So why risk our professional walls collapsing? 

Otherwise the reverse result can occur - your reputation suffers, you're judged by others who could have been in a position to help you. Your best intentions truly betray you and your progress.

It's a conundrum isn't it?  Either you check your boundaries or they'll "check" you? 

Let's get out of the "Hockey game" and get back to work!

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