This may seem similar to a couple of the other "checks" but a little drilling down is good.

A wise person once said "you can't pour from an empty cup."  When it comes to any kind of extension beyond your balance or foundation, one should be wary about the cost.  A lack of sleep, possible injury, malnourishment, general fatigue.  All of these are pretty common.  I'm told that the 2 things so many ignore are sleep and hydration, but the side-effects are so numerous that we'll treat the symptoms and not the cause.  Having a drink and taking a nap take care of so many issues - drug free! 

But don't we love complications?  Don't we love drama?  Don't we love to have something to complain about?

We shouldn't.

A key to success is to do what for ourselves what so many of us who own machines do - a performance checklist.

Power? Check.  Stabilizers?  Check.  Thrusters? Check. Cognitive performance? Check.  Joy of life? Check.  Hang on....

Can it be that simple? Can we become those who aren't pulled into another's drama but pull them instead into our peace?

The pandemic kicked (and is still kicking) a lot of people - and some who were already down.  Lives, families, cultures, businesses, rampantly destroyed. We personally saw a 176% drop in sales (is that even possible?)

Weathering the storm, pivoting, refocusing and finding solutions were all non-negotiable.  Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I've concluded that "either it kicks your *** or you kick its."  Balance is key to success.

As you examine each struggle, step or process, determining what you should or shouldn't do, start with a proper foundation.  Check yourself - are you ready for the storm? Are you so ready for the storm that you can profit from it?

I've got a sale on umbrellas..... ;)