I love the quote by Maya Angelou "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Speaking as both service provider and customer, I've seen both sides of this exchange.  I've seen "professionals" become incensed that I called as if I should apologize for wanting to give them my money.  I've also seen "professionals" lament about their business suffering but also have TERRIBLE communication skills. My mouth has watered at businesses who were so busy that they complained about how busy they were - and staffing was not a problem - what an expansion opportunity! But no, it's better to make people wait (or go somewhere else!)

What do all of these scenarios have in common? All you have to do is NOT SUCK!

This sounds ridiculously simple.  The silent majority will identify with this.  A simple process as being in a store and (gasp!) asking for help from (gasp gasp!) someone who WORKS there - and being met with apathy or confusion.  The outcome? Bear with it or go somewhere else. The go-somewhere-elsers will quietly do so and the business will never know.  Nor will they know why business is sliding and eventually suffering.  

This can be another side of the story with "local" and "mom-and-pop" establishments.  Either they're the treasure of the community and a tourist trap or everyone hates them until they have a choice to go elsewhere. 

The pandemic has "Darwined" a lot of this - and sadly many of the businesses didn't deserve it.  Others needed a reality check and a bit of humbling. 

Fast forward a bit and those that have weathered the storm, found staffing, all are vaccinated - all excuses have been eliminated.  Will they return to their old ways?  Will they present an opportunity for someone else?

The positive side is competition - a beautiful side effect of competition is that the customers who desperately need someone to just take care of them will come - if you build it.

We're celebrating our 22nd year in business - seen Y2K, seen the housing crisis, seen the pandemic.  Still going.  HOW?

Are we the best? I'll never say that. Are we the cheapest? "Walmarting" everyone else? Nope. A few clues can be found in previous blogs, but in short, the customer is NOT an interruption or an inconvenience.  We LIKE what we do, and we're NICE! 

The quality of the work is almost unimportant! Of course, some quality is important, but if we're arranging a mime, DON'T TALK! If we're stiltwalking, DON'T FALL! Essentially, JUST. DON'T. SUCK.

Is it really that easy?  The proof is in the pudding.  Would you like chocolate? Vanilla? Pistachio?