What is "normal?"  We've heard "the new normal" and going back to "the old normal" but it's all relative, isn't it?  For retail, "the new normal" has been bad.  For "Zoom", it has been good.  

With every major change (incidentally the only thing that DOESN'T change is "change") we establish our "normal" through our actions, with our friend groups, in relating to our families (or not) and so on.  We build up a certain micro-culture that works for us - or we say it does.

This applies to business as well.  From corporations to 'treps, expansion, diversifying, pivoting or just rebooting happens.  Sometimes the hardest part is accepting that change needs to happen and not mourn what once was.

As a creative, one constantly has to manage the chores and tasks of all things not creative, or at least find resources to delegate to.  Until you can afford that level of support, it's all on your shoulders.  Strategy, promotion, marketing, advertising, sales, insurance, so many practical matters that outweigh abandon.  How does one mitigate it all?

One bite at a time.

Practice daily acceptance of what is no longer, and save your best mental energy (whenever that occurs) for the tasks you hate.  Get them off your plate and enjoy what's left to do - be creative.  

Establishing such habits (and being honest about when each piece must occur) helps you make slow-but-sure progress.

Along the way, be keenly aware and receptive to that which helps and that which hurts your progress.  Time sucks, negative energy, any habits that undermine your progress need to be honestly addressed - after all, how bad do you want to succeed? 

Remember to keep your values intact.  I promise you, what you have to offer has a market looking for it.  It's much like dating, but seeking a relationship of thousands instead of "the one."  You've spent enough time getting comfortable in your own skin.  Live in it vibrantly!

Change will happen, growth will happen, success will only happen if you stay focused and keep making progress. 

Welcome to YOUR "new normal."