Becoming an adult is the dumbest thing I've ever done.

Not an original statement, but a sentiment all of us "grown-ups" can relate to.  We didn't understand as children, but it was a luxury having someone else tell you when to get up, how to dress, where to go and what to do.  Of course there are exceptions, but "bills?  I have to worry about bills?"

Every year that passes, the successful find that they have to parent themselves.  Not just the mundane and trivial disciplines, but the "UGH" tasks.  For every flea that comes with the dog of being in business, the voice in my head is very parental ("you know you have to do this, stop procrastinating, get it done quickly so you can have fun") and so on.

My go-to? Rage Against the Machine.  I don't even listen to the words, it just somehow magically works and gets me trudging through.

We all have or should identify what will help us get through the tasks.  A best practice is to just "Eat the Frog" first thing - fresh horses? first task of the day?  Get it over with and move on (thanks Mom!)

You might find that saving it for the middle or end of your day works, but at some point every day, to continue to grow and stay a grown-up, you'll have to eat the frog.

Plug your nose - it helps.