Or perhaps "mind your own business" would be more appropriate these days?

This is not to trigger anyone, but rather remind many of us who are truly busy (and not just "busy for busy's sake") that there is much to do and no time for anything not important.

I love the adage "it's a priority, it's just #10 and #1-9 keep changing." It forces one to be honest and admit their limitations - and avoid making someone else feel unimportant or a bother.

Take your health for instance.  I've never met anyone who would argue that we DON'T need food, rest or "facilities."  If we ignore any of these priorities, we'll die.  Hence, there are things undeniably more important than others.  

Take this and apply to your work - your career, your passion, indeed the path that defines you and gives meaning to your life.  What is undeniably most important to the health of your work?  Compared to "#10" which we sadly spend more time on - it tends to be quicker, easier, instantly gratifying or a welcome distraction (that we didn't earn.)

Balance is important, but I would wager that if we spend time on our respective businesses, we'll find a lot more peace and a lot less drama.  Balance will be the byproduct.

Now seize the day!