We LOVE what we do.  Opportunities are the reason we're in business, not the interruption of it.  I love discussing new ideas and sharing the excitement.  There's enormous potential that staggers the imagination. Truly, it's contagious (or so I'd hope.)

All too often, we're hired as enhancements or flair for a number of events.  Why not?  All we do is fun and if that's your goal, we have common ground!

The trick is, Mr. or Ms. Client - you need to let guests know we're going to be there!

No spoilers, all the opposite!  Is your attendance down?  If you were you, would you attend your event?  

I know that sounds circular, but step outside your box a minute and look at it from the guest.  Maybe they really don't care - maybe they're just being good sports and tagging along for the event.  Maybe they secretly ONLY attend in hopes you'll do "something different!"

Take a type of family for example - parents and kids.  Parents are going to enjoy the experience on one level and kids may not know or care at all.  Think "Disney movie." If the story is good, everyone can enjoy it.  There are jokes Dad will get and jokes kids will get. 

Any event should have the same formula.

Don't make the mime the surprise.  Don't keep the stilt walkers a secret.  Rather, establish and build a reputation for "something different" and build loyalty to it.

Mr. or Ms. Client - you're all ready spending the money.  You're all ready posting to social media.  You've all ready bought all the ad space.  Get the most bang-for-your-buck (or time spent) and make the talent known.

Unless you like the growing sound of crickets....?