It's almost the Holiday season!  Let's look for discounted people!


You may be aware of the movie or the puns made on social media.  Many corporations tout "we are family" or "team work - it's our people that make us great."  I'm not implying that anyone is selling people or products made of people - Stay with me for a moment.

We love our services and products in this country don't we?  We LOVE a good deal.  Some businesses never even have anything at full price.

And then there's talent.

In the past, actors and artists were heavily abused, neglected, taken for granted, worked for peanuts and suffered greatly.  The term "starving artist" still exists.  WHY?

Is there not a time when talent is respected and certain experiences "cost what they cost?"

Granted, some hang out their shingle with no experience, credentials, quality or staying power.  Beware of those who promise the world and forget what they promised.  

BUT, if you lead a conversation with "relationship based pricing" or "can we get a discount if we book you?" or even "we've hired you before, and want to work with you again, here's our (scant) budget."  Anyone want to join me on this guilt trip?

Is it just me, or does the idea of getting a discount on an artist or actor seem very, VERY wrong?  It conjures certain euphemisms (you fill in the blanks.) 

Can you imagine what a "discounted mime" looks like?

How about a "discounted princess?"

What if it's a whole team of artists - balloon twisters, face painters, magicians, etc.  and the subject comes up - "I got this all for a discount."

Be honest - do you want to hire a professional or a "plan b?"

In a perfect world, the id doesn't run rampant, everyone wants to do their best, how you make someone feel is paramount, and there's room for everyone to succeed.

Will you contribute to this or keep the "status quo?"