How badly do you want it?

It may be as synonomous with entertainment as the words "highly competitive" and "one in a million."  It doesn't paint a very good picture for anyone who wants to maximize their potential, has a heart for the work and believes in their dream.

I read somewhere that the "money machine" eats youth, talent, creativity and other good things, creating quantity but not quality.  What a terrible picture!  On the other hand, it ties in with what I've been sharing all ready.

Are you willing to give up.....(insert interest here)  A bad habit?  A good habit?  A friendship?  A relationship?  Any bit of your health?  What's the endgame?

What if another aspect of your life grows at a tremendously successful pace and you find your career to generate a "Cats in the Cradle" moment?

What if you realize much too late that what you put on hold for later can't be gotten with whatever you've got left? OR that what's left to be gotten isn't worth it?  Great recipe for loneliness.

What if you "win the race" and reach the pinacle of success, only to realize that you're now bored, tired and it's too late to do anything else?  I've met a lot of unhappy millionares. 

Can you want something badly and work hard at achievement without losing your self, values, soul?


Take the ego out of the equation.  Seeking to do your best, realizing your potential but also your limitations, you can keep focused and not make excuses.  Indeed, good things take time - sometimes much longer than we tend to have patience for.  The endurance for the idea and the process are exacting prices - and THAT is what separates much success from "failure."

This is not to suggest that a change in plans or a new direction means you've given up.  Wisdom gained in the experience (or trial) can reveal your true path.

Discernment is key here. Just under the surface of this decision is balance. 


Personally, I have a "1-10" priority list - and "1-9" keep changing.  I have to accept that #10 may not get addressed as quickly.  I have to make peace with that. 

But, it also fits into the Eisenhower matrix:


Urgent/not important

Not urgent/important

Not urgent/not important.  

Start chewing on these concepts now and you'll be truly ready for that magical balance when all the pieces fall into place. 

And then you can start a new puzzle!


Hello owner, Your posts are always well thought out.

— Analisa Redmon