We have a weird situation to deal with.

A lot of people need jobs, a lot of businesses need employees.  Customers can't get what they want as a result.

True, some jobs are hard.  True, some wages aren't enough.  True, some customers didn't plan far enough in advance.

BUT, what if you have a skill, love to work, and work best alone?

This is an entrepreneur's playground!  Just like the housing situation (seller's market) this is the opportunity to serve the customer doing what you love to do!  

Now the question to ask yourself is, "how much do you want it?"

When I was young, no one had to tell me to practice drawing.  When I learned how to make balloon animals, I WANTED to learn and I was excited to make progress.  The same thing held true for face painting, walking on stilts, playing a pirate, the list goes on.  

I didn't compromise my values, I wasn't doing something I wasn't qualified to do, and I was dedicated to the result (no egos!)  As I developed, I found it was fun to work with others, provide opportunities to them, help them grow and develop their skills, and the company continued to grow.

Given the present situation, we could use more team members. Of course we're always looking for talent!  We can't always help everyone, just like you can't please everyone.  Between the pandemic and the "aftershocks" we've had to reflect on our purpose, pivot, find solutions, adapt and overcome.  It CAN be done!

These are the "fleas that come with the dog."  You have to ask yourself, is this path the right one for you?  Do you still want the "dog?" How will you deal with the "fleas?"

I promise you with focus, clarity of vision, tenacity of execution, you will soar!

Your choice?