As the picture might imply, it doesn't matter if you're prepared to share something if the message can't be heard.

This is a fatal flaw in networking as a creative - shying away from, neglecting to inform or just not communicating that you "can do that." For the record, it always hurts me to learn that a customer would have hired us "if we knew you did that!"  

It's human nature to relegate things to a single dimension.  We can't be bothered to dig in, learn more, assume more layers exist.  We need to understand quickly, put a label on it and pigeon hole it in our mind.  A broad category is just too, well - broad.  We see it all the time:

"You're the face painter guys!"

"Yes, and the balloon artists, and the caricaturists - we're doing all the entertainment here."

(Mind blown - even though we're the whole team wears the same uniform.)

It's never "You're the entertainment!"

"Yep! All we do is fun!"

So we (and you) are already fighting an uphill battle to explain that you can provide a number of solutions - the stereotyping is generations old.

What's a creative 'trep to do? SPOON FEED.

Even on the back of our cards we have redundant services.  I don't want any misunderstandings about what we can do or arrange for a client.  There are no values compromised, no duplicity, it's all family-friendly entertainment.  All we do is "fun."

So whose fault is it if your customers don't know you can help them?  Take an extra breath and dig in - drill down to what they really want and offer a solution, get paid and grow your business!