Every primrose path still has thorns.

We're enjoying a wonderful "return to normal."  In fact, there is a "revenge partying" trend going on that I hope doesn't end. 

However, there is a flip side of all this eager celebratory over-compensation: "If it's not perfect in my mind, it's someone else's fault."

So the company couldn't have a party for the last 2 years.  Now all eyes are on the person in charge. It needs to be bigger, better, blow the 2019 party out of the water.  Everything is Christmas-anticipation-meets-job-review.  Not the smallest detail can go wrong.

Or perhaps the conversation is had, the terms are set and everyone is happy to work together - and the day of the event, it's obvious those terms weren't read at all.

Or maybe everything you're doing is exactly what you promised.  But your success hinges on a third party who didn't get the memo and just doesn't care.

And what if that happens?  What if ALL of that happens?

Do you trust yourself enough to stand by your terms?  The terms you had for the last umpteen years that have always been the way it works and have never been a problem - and now they are?  

Everyone has a line to stand on.  Others have a line that moves.  Are you trusting enough to leave your professional success to chance?  Do you have faith that you can stand up for yourself and attract other business?  Is what you're doing what you planned on doing with your career?

Welcome to the crossroads.  The path you choose will turn you into what you hoped to be - or what you feared you would become.

In the end, go back to basics.  And that is a subject for next month - stay tuned!