The third in our series of the "TAG Art way."  We hope these will explain our branding to our clients but also serve as encouragement to other professionals.  Enjoy!

Caricature Q&A:

1) Why do you insist on making conversation?

Have you ever just stared at someone?  Much worse, having them stare at you?  No talking, just several minutes of silence.  Maybe one of you is making faces.  Add in the idea of being scrutinized and one can understand why we'd love to take the guest's mind OFF of this process.  It's an advanced skill, but adds a little "show" to the experience.

2) Does this include where you're stationed?

YES.  A climate controlled location, conversation level spot, good lighting, etc.  All are key to helping an artist do their best.  Of course we've worked in harder environments, but the harder the artist has to maintain, the slower they become.  If a client wants the most productivity, they'll help us help them.

3) Will you do copies?  Why or why not?

Most artists will admit that their heart is always on their sleeve.  Even if they're highly experienced and lauded, one cruel word can destroy them.  If an artist wants to do their best, and then has to worry about their work being compared to another artist - or even worse, another version of their own drawing, it creates a mental conflict.  You want a copy?  Go to a copy shop, or have an artist draw you digitally and you can reuse the image as often as you like, guaranteeing a perfect copy.  

We also don't draw people more than once at the same event for the same reason as above, but also because it creates a slippery slope - one guest can monopolize the line and create lots of tension or problems (we've had some "Jerry Springer moments!") and the artist is stuck in the middle.

4) How does that apply to the style of work?

It's common sense - be nice to people and they hire you more.  If we turn the disconcerting experience into a show, entertaining, and draw someone in a way that DOESN'T exacerbate their insecurities, it's in our best interests to do so - "loose portrait" is the result.

5) What is the "big 3" a customer has to choose from that keeps you from working too hard?

A customer can have it fast, good or cheap.  They can only pick 2.

If it's fast and good, it won't be cheap;

If it's fast and cheap, it won't be good;

If its cheap and good, it won't be fast.

We give the customer the choice and stick to what they pick.


6) (A question worth repeating): How do you avoid being overwhelmed?

Stick to your policies.  Have them in writing and agreed to in advance.  The client agrees and has no wiggle room.

Stick to what you do best.  Don't take special requests because you'll open the door to ALL requests and then be accused of inferiority, playing favorites, it's a slippery slope.

If you're not comfortable working in a particular environment, don't be affable!  You'll only be punished for it.

People will rise to your expectations and standards.  Don't lower yourself to theirs.