The fourth in our series of the "TAG Art way."  We hope these will explain our branding to our clients but also serve as encouragement to other professionals.  Enjoy!


1) Everything seems to be competitive and self-centered.  Why do you shy away from showing off?

There's a fine line between pride and arrogance.  We strive to do our best and are already our "own worst enemy" about several things.  However, it's from seeking to raise our own bar, not to beat someone else in the market.

2) But if there were a competition or if you had to claim superiority....?

We've had that question and been tempted to outshine another while working side by side, even with just our team being present at an event.  It's rude and unnecessary to pit people against each other.  Doing what you promised and doing your best is the most important thing if you want to serve a client.  If the client is happy, then we ARE the best (for them!)  The rest is just vanity.

3) Have you ever compromised?

It's sad when there is a perceived competition.  People will also compare and play favorites for the most minute of details.  In these situations, we have strived to make clear why we do what we do and also clarify who is on our team, especially if values or results are incongruent.  This is to confirm how we do business, not to disparage others.

Our track record has also revealed to us that no one asks us to slow down or show off.  As such, we render work, especially stationary work, good and fast.  It's not cheap, but a client can't have all 3.

If they want good and cheap, it won't be fast.

If they want fast and cheap, it won't be good.

Whenever we've slowed down, the lines are too long.  Whenever we've shown off, the lines are too long.  Whenever we've sped up, the other artists (not on our team) are unable to keep the pace and the disparity happens.  Balance is necessary.

4) How does that apply to other services?

By-products of our bigger/faster/over-stimulated sub-culture is a lack of patience and attention span.  We've seen "less is more" work across the board.  Kids (of all ages) just don't have the interest or ability to continue in an activity beyond 17-20 minutes.  It's a miracle that they can wait at all for anything.

Across the board, we also apply this philosophy to our appearance from dress code to character appearances.  I applaud the appearance of conservative attire, especially to any character we arrange, or what is created by others.  

5) What about optics?

Optics are how you're perceived.  Perception is (often and sadly) reality.  Sometimes we've "fired a customer" who wants what we can't ethically do.  Other times we've turned down work because it puts us in a compromising position.  When it comes to performers, we also want to avoid being a scapegoat because a client had what they thought was a good idea and they didn't understand their own guests.  


6) Do you see these trends continuing?

Every pendulum swings wide.  As much as it seems things are over-stimulating and high speed, it's still the minority.  We would love to take more time and enjoy more of the work, and sometimes we get the chance.  We try to under-promise and over-deliver, but you just can't be everything to everyone.  Some will sing your praises against others demonizing you.  In the end, the proof is in the pudding.  We wouldn't be busy if we weren't doing right by people.