The time and posting of this month's article seems just right for the season.  We've lived through some scary times and more may be coming.  Of course, we can shout at the rain or get an umbrella.

Despite adversity, everyone should truly live and seek that which makes them happy.  Our country was founded on principles such as these.  If you're blessed enough to do what you love, it's an even greater responsibility to enjoy it.

And then practical matters show up.

And then issues arise.

And then you're exhausted and frustrated.

So much can burn the fun out of existing much less professionally existing, that it can drive you to your knees.  Of course, that's a good place to revisit your priorities as well.

What's your "WHY?"  As the song goes "the things we do for love."  How much do you love your "why?"

WHY are you doing this? 

It can't be "for the money."  Money is no basis for a career, and if you're always chasing it, you'll never be satisfied.  

It can't just be "because you love it."  The most ideal circumstances don't involve more than 1 or 2 people - not lots of fickle customers.

It can't just be "the thrill of it."  The challenge?  The chase? The hunt? The deal? 

In 100 years, will any of this matter?

Who are you doing it for?

Who will care that you did it?

Who will truly benefit from your efforts?

"Who" becomes "Why" and you'll be on the right path to living (and working) vibrantly as you were created.