Welcome to our 6th in this series!  We hope it helps explain "why we do that" but also encourages others in their 'trep endeavors! 

Cast your mind: A mom calls inquiring about entertainment for a ONE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY PARTY.  We tread lightly here - who is the party really for?  The child won't even remember it.  They'll be just as happy to smash cake in their face, poop their pants and pass out (the cycle to be repeated in college?) 

Our conscientious suggestions? Less is more.  Keep it simple.  Sure, entertain everyone interested, but what about escalation?  What will you do for this child at 16?  Maybe a balloon artist, simple things, quickly rendered, a sampling of fun and keeping expenses down.

Don't get me wrong, we don't overtly turn down work and if they really want what they want, we'll take their money. Service first, no judgement (as long as WE don't become the scapegoat when what we advise actually happens.)

Seeing both sides to this flow chart, is there really a benefit to "less?"  If you consider human nature, then absolutely!  Consider the bigger/faster/stronger obsession we have and how the counter-culture encourages us to stop and smell the roses.  There's even a movement of "slow t.v." popular across the pond, where one can watch hours of scenery pass by.  

The balance must be maintained, even if we don't consciously acknowledge it. 

I liken what is happening, especially thanks to smart phones and social media, to a "speed zoo."  We can't stop, learn, observe and enjoy the quiet and easy pace of the experience, we have to see how much attention and stimuli we can exchange before our ADD screen-addicted heads freeze up.

Expand this to entertainment.  Magic wasn't enough.  CGI wasn't enough, holograms weren't enough.  Now we're replacing an entire human existence with a false one ("meta?")  Been there, done that.  It was a dud in the '90s as well. The definition of insanity here?

SO, how about a balloon?  Maybe a unicorn on your cheek? A simple show where everyone can enjoy it altogether?

We would rather have 400 special, intimate events than one blockbusting chaos.  

And so would you!