This is the fifth in our series of the "TAG Art way."  We hope these will explain our branding to our clients but also serve as encouragement to other professionals.  Check out the previous month's articles as well, and enjoy!


1) What is the mystique?

We define the mystique as that which supports the sense of wonder in the guest.  It's intangible, magical, imagination-supportive, and simply brings the "WOW."  No matter what we arrange, we want that result.

2) Why is it so important? 

In a small way, we're trying to be the change we want to see in the world.  There's too much cynicism.  We're born with faith, it's a natural response.  Cynicism is learned.  Does it have to be learned at all?

3) Does this change how you deal with guests?

Part of our brand is to preserve this value.  Unfortunately, some are determined to heckle or diminish our efforts.  The "F" word in our world is "FAKE." It can be frustrating and ridiculous considering that these are the same people who yell at a movie screen.  And did they REALLY think the CGI was real?  Let's suspend disbelief a bit.

So we don't tolerate it, especially from unattended children who should know better (it takes a village!) Rude is rude and if someone doesn't like it, they're not our client or guest.

4 How does this philosophy impact what you present as options?

We strive for a quality work environment for our artists and performers.  Often times, clients don't have a frame of reference or experience in what we do, so we have to "help them help us."  This includes preparatory areas, climate controlled options, "bad cops" and line control where necessary, and generally preventative maintenance. As we work hard on looking the best and doing the best, we want to make sure the supportive logistics are equally strong.

And if that can't happen, we don't do the event!