Bring the Joy of the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time. Between cooking, shopping, cleaning, shoveling, and organizing, who has time for entertaining? We at TAG Art Company are happy to take party entertainment off your hands. It’s our holiday gift to you! Our Christmas characters can show up in costume to entertain your littlest guests. Or, our caricature artists will make silly pictures of your whole guest list. Perhaps you’d like face painters to decorate your face with holiday images, or musicians to add ambiance to your holiday event.

However we can help make your holiday season a little less stressful and a little more fun, let us know. It’s our present to you. 


Troy Ganser

Corporate Holiday Party Fun

Are you in the midst of planning your corporate holiday party? Your co-workers have blocked out the date on their calendars, the location is reserved, and food is scheduled for delivery. Now that you’ve got the logistics down, let’s "bring the fun!" We’ll make your office holiday party the event people talk about all year.

Our characters can show up in holiday costumes, delivering presents or guarding a Christmas tree. Maybe a fortune teller will predict your company’s future, or an artist will paint a holiday painting live at your event. Whatever your needs, Contact us for more info on how to make your holiday party the best event of the year.

Troy Ganser

The Holidays Are Ready! Are You?!

It’s officially the holiday season, and like the rest of the world, I bet you aren’t completely ready for it. With the Thanksgiving leftovers almost gone, it is time to set your sights on the upcoming celebrations. This means buying gifts, planning meals, scheduling travel, and of course, the holiday party.

We want to take one of the items off of your list by being your one stop shop for holiday entertainment.   Let the talented artists and performers at TAG Art ensure that you have the perfect, worry free event. Contact us today to get your holiday party scheduled.


Troy Ganser

Make a Difference Today

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, people are encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise to make a difference in their neighborhoods. Are you hosting a charity or fundraising event for a cause in your community? We can help.

Our performance artists are experts at helping you to fundraise. Consider setting them up like buskers, each one with a guitar case in front of them. Or hire a performance artist sell tickets to the event. Maybe you want to hire a mime to pass a hat around the audience. After all, who can argue with a mime?

We want to help you make a difference, so Contact us for more information on how to make your fundraising event more successful.

Troy Ganser

Caricature: Item Highlight

Do you imagine yourself as a sailor or a saxophone player? What about a dancer or a basketball star? We can make you one! Ok, not in real life. But we can at least make you a drawing of yourself to fit your dream. Send us a photo of yourself and we will make a drawing of you in a caricature style, or any other style that you’d like. We’ll match your photo to your theme and style.

In addition to traditional caricature style, we can also recreate your photo in a professional look, modern look, or anything else you’d like. Think your request is off the wall? Try us! We do over 20,000 caricatures per year, so we’re pretty good at the skill. Send us a photo and let’s get started today.


Troy Ganser

Item Highlight: Life of a Library Book

Library books must get so lonely. They wait on the shelves day after day, hoping that someone will pick them and take them home. People walk past each day, looking at books on other shelves or passing by the section completely. Each book spends its time next to the same other books - whichever book is next to it in the Dewey Decimal system!

These library books have a story to tell, and we’re happy to have a book for your kids about the Life of a Library Book. These books are waiting day after day to be picked, so pick them! You can find this book and other cool items in our online store.

Troy Ganser

Superhero School is Now Enrolling

Which superhero did you dream of being as a kid? Perhaps it was Captain America, or the Black Widow? Did you want to be the Batgirl or Superman? Well, now you have the chance. Superhero school is opening its doors for superhero training. Enroll for lessons on how to save the world from the ills at hand.

With our Superhero package, you (or, if you’re willing to give up on your superhero dreams, your kids) can enter superhero training lessons with a costumed superhero or supervillain. With the addition of a face painter, caricature artist, and airbrush tattoo artists, your superhero school will be a big hit among all future superheroes.

Send us a message to learn more about how our Superhero school can come to you.

Troy Ganser

Frankenstein Friday is Coming to You

We know that you know about Halloween, but do you also know about Frankenstein Friday? The day, which was created in 1997 by a citizen of Westfield, New Jersey, celebrates one of the scariest horror characters yet imagined. The holiday is celebrated on the last friday of October, this year only one day before Halloween. If you make a significant contribution to the promotion of Frankenstein, you might win the Franky award, given annually.

Want to celebrate with Frankenstein or other costumed characters? Contact us about bringing our character actors to your celebration. Or ask us about the other fun services we can bring to you.

Troy Ganser