Don't Keep it a Secret!

Mime; Themed entertainment; Entertainers for events
Is your attendance down?  If you were you, would you attend your event?

Children’s & Adults’ Birthday Party Plans

Children's entertainment; Birthday party entertainers; Event entertainment
Entertainment is the most crucial aspect of any birthday party. Take a look
at how you should plan your perfect birthday party entertainment.

Ghost of Christmas Passed

Ghost of Christmas Passed
Pun intended!  This article is about one thing every business person, entrepreneur, sales person and just about any creative fears:

Memories or Therapy? Halloween Entertainment Done Right.

Memories or Therapy?  Halloween Entertainment Done Right.
The term "merry not scary" fits a lot of Halloween-themed events.  But do you remember what scared you as a child?

Creative Etiquette

Creative Etiquette
In our safe space, personal space, non-offensive, good feelings culture, you have to ask?

Less is more

Less is more
It's a funny concept (and perhaps counter-cultural) but in our experiences, less is more.

TAG Art "brings the fun!"

Half-time entertainment with TAG Art!
I hate to admit it, but the stereotype is alive and well.