Check Please! Chapter 12: Check Your Boundaries!

Custom illustrations by Michael Ganser
It's a conundrum isn't it?  Either you check your boundaries or they'll "check" you?

Check Please! Chapter 11: Check Your Troubles!

Custom illustrations by Michael Ganser
Don't we love feeding that wolf?

Check Please! Chapter 10: Check Your Standards

Custom illustrations by Michael Ganser
What may be frustrating you may also be what makes you unique!

Check Please! Chapter 9: Check Your Emotions!

Custom illustrations by Michael Ganser
Are you a puppy on parole?  After all the house arrest we've experienced as a country, it's hard not to cut loose!

Check Please! Chapter 8: Check Your Environment!

Custom illustrations by Michael Ganser
Are you a tiger in a society of rabbits?

Check Please! Chapter 7: Check Your Plan!

Custom illustrations by Michael Ganser
It is said, "Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans."  I've seen that so often - indeed, hasn't 2020 been pretty much a 180 on almost everyone's plan for the year?

Check Please! Chapter 6: November: Check Your "Friends!"

Mime entertainment for events

It took me a long time to understand "R.O.I."


Check Please! Chapter 5: Check your business!

The TAG Art Fun Farm in New Haven Indiana
Or perhaps "mind your own business" would be more appropriate these days?

Check Please! Chapter 4: Check Your Energy!

Hard working artists for events
I love the adage: "You can't pour from an empty cup." If you've never heard it before, it may just change your life.

Check Please! Chapter 3: Check Your Priorities?

Stilt walking entertainment for events
How badly do you want it?

Check please! Chapter 2: Check Your Team!

mime entertainment; stilt walking entertainment; themed entertainment
A key to success is "you can't do it alone."

Check please! Chapter 1: Check Your Ego

Event entertainment; Charlie Chaplin; Costumed characters for events
This is the first of a series of writings meant to offer perspective (in as humble a fashion as possible) for the benefit of any who hope to make t...