Check please! Chapter 2: Check Your Team!

mime entertainment; stilt walking entertainment; themed entertainment
A key to success is "you can't do it alone."

Check please! Chapter 1: Check Your Ego

Event entertainment; Charlie Chaplin; Costumed characters for events
This is the first of a series of writings meant to offer perspective (in as humble a fashion as possible) for the benefit of any who hope to make t...

We're All In This Together Alone In The Same Boat

Left Shark; Costumed characters for events; Event entertainment
If I have to watch one more celebrity tell me "we're all in this together" and "we'll get through this" and "we're all in the same boat" (have you ...

Don't Double Dip!

Willie Wonka; Costumed characters; Event entertainment
Relationship building, skills development, diversification, etc.  All these things are marathons, not sprints.  Who you see as the "flash in the pan" paid their dues.  I've also never met anyone in our creative fields who didn't have a "paying their bills" job - sometimes never making it solely on talent.  There's simply a pattern (and a somewhat seasonal pattern at that) to entertaining.

Don't Keep it a Secret!

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Is your attendance down?  If you were you, would you attend your event?

Oh, you do that too? Tips for creatives forced into sales

Dinosaurs; Dinosaur entertainment; Event entertainment
It's the sales person's job to provide a complete set of options, but in our "bigger, faster, stronger" culture, shouldn't it be the customer's job to want more?

Children’s & Adults’ Birthday Party Plans

Children's entertainment; Birthday party entertainers; Event entertainment
Entertainment is the most crucial aspect of any birthday party. Take a look
at how you should plan your perfect birthday party entertainment.

Ghost of Christmas Passed

Ghost of Christmas Passed
Pun intended!  This article is about one thing every business person, entrepreneur, sales person and just about any creative fears:

Soylent Green Shopping

Soylent Green Shopping
Is it just me, or does the idea of getting a discount on an artist or actor seem very, VERY wrong?

Memories or Therapy? Halloween Entertainment Done Right.

Memories or Therapy?  Halloween Entertainment Done Right.
The term "merry not scary" fits a lot of Halloween-themed events.  But do you remember what scared you as a child?

Bridezilla Bashing

Costumed characters; Event entertainment; Halloween entertainment
Sometimes it's all a matter of sharing the power (even though it's always supposed to be YOUR way.)

Wedding Entertainment Taken Up A Notch

Wedding Entertainment Taken Up A Notch
This should be a day to remember for everyone in attendance.